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The 1st edition of the Summer Tour will be held in Esposende, at the Clube Hípico do Norte between June 28th and July 7th, combining two weekends of Equestrian competitions and an active experience program in the territory.

CHN hosts the National Youth Cup of Portuguese Federation


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Summer Tour - Equestrian 2 x CSI 2* in Portugal

The city of Esposende hosts the 1st Edition of the Summer Tour between the 28th of June and the 7th of July.   June 28th to 30th: International Jumping Competition 2* & Iberian Cup July 4th to 7th: International Jumping Competition 2* & Iberian Cup   The event provides professional riders with a competitive experience of excellence, both in terms of participation and sporting performance, and in the hospitality with which the city of Esposende embraces the event, the participants and their families, giving a special meaning to the sporting context.   In pursuit of excellence, the organization awarded Prize Money of €94,000.00 to the main events of the Competition, boosting a healthy competitive spirit among the athletes and thus providing added value to the initiative.   The organization of the international event is part of the strategy of leveraging sporting notoriety and visibility in the international equestrian community, with a subsequent effect of enhancing the internationalization of the region and Esposende as an equestrian destination, through the PortugalEquestrian® program. The organizational, sporting and promotional coordination between the Municipality and the CHN has achieved excellent results, with a significant impact of these products on the local economy, throughout the year.         The event's value proposition is to provide a unique tourist and sporting experience, enjoying a unique natural setting and organizational excellence; offer an innovative concept in integrating different social/tourist events and attracting audiences; create specialized products by customer segment and combine the comfort of participating in the event with active experience in the territory during and between competitions.   EVENT CHARACTERISTICS • 800 National and International sets (400 per competition) • 1200 Riding Professionals • 70 employees • 400,000 viewers (live television broadcast on SPORT-TV) • 100,000 views in live-streaming • 7 Days of Competition | 6 competitions per day • €94,000 in Prize Money • 11 Nationalities of participating athletes (India, China, Brazil, Finland, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Spain and Portugal) • 15,000 people (Public) • Public entry is free  


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